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Minn-based freelance writer, UXer and full-time technical trainer.
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Ladies that UX SW - First Meet Up »


Shameless promotion of the new meet up group I’m organising with Amy McGuinness from cxpartners - Ladies, we’d love you to join us on July 8th at Yurt Lush in Bristol. Get your free ticket ASAP!

Interface Moss - The Usability Post »


The recent minimalist trends in software design — Metro, flat, iOS7, Material — are attempts to scrape away the moss without a radical alteration in the underlying function. It is a reaction to the friction felt between the old stratum of software that has cemented its implementation and thus could afford to wear a rich visual coat, and a new stratum of software that yearns for a radically different approach to interface design.

Creative Knowledge Capital - BestQuest »


Creative Knowledge Capital: organization future-proofing

In this post, I cover one of the most untapped resources available to an organization: their innovative and creative individuals. These are typically people who are capable of being a major driving force for change. They are able to bring about new perspectives and energies into the organization.

It is often stated that knowledge is the greatest asset any organization possesses, yet this subject is usually filed under KM – “knowledge management” – and thereafter becomes superficial in value. The KM system has the organization’s creativity neatly sewn up. But does it? Business needs a capacity for renewal, something that provides a sustainable edge for better competing in the market. Can a KM initiative quantify this capacity?

Creative Knowledge Capital is the foundation of that competing edge. In this brief post, I highlight how Creative Knowledge Capital is obtained, and provide some success-story examples too.