[TEDTalk] The Power of a Mind to Map: Tony Buzan at TEDxSquareMile

I’m a huge fan of mindmapping, & who better to learn more about it than the creator of mindmapping itself?

"Galveston" by Nic Pizzolatto

Like everyone else who’s reading this book, I picked it up after losing a couple months of my life to HBO’s True Detective (I won’t discuss it here, but I, for one, love the finale). Galveston is clearly a precursor to the show. It’s tough and Southern, and main character Roy is a reincarnated Rust Coehle, even down to the Matthew McConaughey casting. He’s found his niche: southern white trash…

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You must drop your vanity, you are not a child … you will soon be thirty.

It is time!

I expect you…. We all expect you.




This is accurate.